Greater operating and working comfort.
Good for your health. Good for safety.

Ergonomics and safety, simplifying daily work processes and increasing operating and working comfort are at the heart of our further developments.

With myCOCKPIT, the positioning and design of the controls are no coincidence. Using the ION DUST SHIELD or alternative drives also reduces strain on the operators.


Control via touchscreen or classic rotary pushbutton switch – every machine operator can find their way around instantly. BOMAG construction machines with myCOCKPIT are well thought-out in every detail and easy to operate, making everyday work easier and providing support in all the right places.

myCOCKPIT. Feels like it always has, only better.

The operating concept and cab design set new standards for road building and earthworks construction machinery.

Ergonomically designed workplaces.

Because only those who work in a healthy environment conserve energy and stay fit and focused throughout the entire working day.

For long and short working days.

The new generation of tandem rollers can also be equipped with a certified comfort seat.

Operation and control made easy

Our intelligent driver assistance systems and sophisticated operating concepts support machine drivers in their everyday challenges. They offer greater operating and working comfort, ensure increased safety on the construction site and enable faster and better work results.

Product range

Light Equipment

Controlled and fast work without the need for heavy lifting, and further reduction of tiring hand-arm vibrations – listening to and understanding customer needs is crucial in developing our new machines.

BR 95

With 360° guide bar. As slim as a vibratory tamper and as good-natured as a conventional vibratory plate.

BMP 8500

With BOSS; BOMAG Operator Safety System.

Heavy-duty pivot-steered tandem rollers

The new tandem rollers from BOMAG are equipped with an individually configurable, 10-inch touchscreen and reach a new level of user-friendliness. At the same time, control via rotary pushbutton or travel lever is still possible. Every operator can instantly find their way around a BOMAG tandem roller equipped with myCOCKPIT.

BW 154 AP-5 AM

The new generation. Equipped with myCOCKPIT.

BW 174 AP-5

The new generation. Equipped with myCOCKPIT.

Cold planers

Another area where BOMAG cold planers excel: simple and intuitive operation, easily accessible service points, an operator station that enables comfortable and fatigue-free working, and a design that improves all-round visibility.

BM 2000/65

The new benchmark in the 2-metre class. With ION DUST SHIELD and innovative assistance systems.

BM 1000/20 Tier 3

New compact class cold planer. Simple operation and maintenance. Universally applicable.

BM 500/15-2

Ready for action on any job site. Sets new standards in ergonomics and productivity.


An optimum view of the machine edge, hopper, auger and screed, a smart quick-attachment system that allows screed extension without time-consuming screw fastenings – clever BOMAG product developments help make asphalt paving easier and faster.

BF 200 C-2

With height-adjustable control panel for all functions.

BF 600 P-3

In a class of its own. Intuitive operating concept with practical assistance functions.

BF 800 C-3

Highway paver for particularly high paving performance. Intuitive operating concept with practical assistance functions.

Soil compactor

Designed with the operator in mind: the perfect combination of intelligent operating concepts guarantees highly efficient, precise work cycles and greater safety on large construction sites.

BC 773 EB-5

The new -5 series. The soil compactor that thinks for itself.